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“Do you have any questions about our plastic injection moulding solutions and vacancies or would you like to start a project with us? You can get in touch directly with our expert contacts for all matters, who will provide you with helpful and friendly advice.”

Shape Visions together.


Thomas Kneer

Phone: +49 36459 497-55

  • Motto: Grounded yet moving forwards.
  • Superpower: My powers are sufficient.
  • Weakness: Ice cream

Benito Hinkeldein

Phone: +49 36459 497-852

  • Motto: Nothing is impossible.
  • Superpower: Teleporting
  • Weakness: Grandma’s boar ribs

Ronald Carsten

Phone: +49 36459 497-870

  • Motto: You can achieve almost anything with health.
  • Superpower: Being able to be 35 years old again with the extra knowledge and experience I have now.
  • Weakness: Travelling with my campervan
Commercial service
Authorised Officer | Head of Commercial Service

Mandy Bischoff

Phone: +49 36459 497-48

  • Motto: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  • Superpower: Being able to fly.
  • Weakness: Cappuccinos

Claudia Hilbig

Phone: +49 36459 497-76

  • Motto: Life is too short for later.
  • Superpower: I don’t need one.
  • Weakness: Marzipan

Sonja Döbrich

Phone: +49 36459 497-74

  • Motto: I make time for the wonderful things in life and enjoy every second.
  • Superpower: Turning back time
  • Weakness: Good food and great travel
Technical quality management
Technical Quality Management Team Leader

Christian Förster

Phone: +49 36459 497-25

  • Motto: Let the nerd do the work.
  • Superpower: Telekinesis
  • Weakness: Mountaineering
Quality Control

Monika Nyriö

  • Motto: You can use the stones that are blocking your path to build something beautiful.
  • Superpower: Time travel
  • Weakness: Worrying
Quality Control

Annett Schramke

  • Motto: If you can deal with something today then don’t put it off until tomorrow.
  • Superpower: Being able to heal others
  • Weakness: Perfume
Quality Control

Maria Schumann

  • Motto: First do what’s necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly you’ve achieved the impossible!
  • Superpower: Immortality
  • Weakness: my good nature
Head of Operating Technology | Maintenance

Thoralf Zeh

Phone: +49 36459 497-78

  • Motto: “A problem well put is half solved” - John Dewey
  • Superpower: I would be satisfied with getting to keep my senses and skills for a long time.
  • Weakness: Mountain biking in the mountains and all kinds of nougat.
Back Office Maintenance

Christine Zedschak

Phone: +49 36459 497-53

  • Motto: Great things never came from comfort zones.
  • Superpower: It’s better not to have one as you have to be able to handle it.
  • Weakness: Continuing to read the book I’m currently engrossed in even though it’s late.
Head of Manufacturing

Robert Döbrich

Phone: +49 36459 497-24

  • Motto: If you stop striving to improve, you stop being good.
  • Superpower: Telepathy
  • Weakness: good food, fast cars
Shift Manager

Pascal Schindler


  • Motto: There’s no such thing as “that’s impossible”.
  • Superpower: Teleportation
  • Weakness: fast cars

Matthias Rohowsky

Phone: +49 36459 497-90

  • Motto: There’s no such thing as “that’s impossible”.
  • Superpower: Not aging.
  • Weakness: real Thuringian food and football
Production employee

Annett Böttner

  • Motto: Never stop smiling.
  • Superpower: flying
  • Weakness: blue eyes, tiramisu
Shift Manager

Robert Saalborn


  • Motto: Accept or change.
  • Superpower: Teleportation
  • Weakness: huringian bratwurst
Production employee

Elke Wötzel

  • Motto: If you can deal with something today, don’t put it off until tomorrow.
  • Superpower: I am what I am.
  • Weakness: delicious cake
Shift Manager

Ralph Unbehaun


  • Motto: It’s better to be stubborn than to have no opinion.
  • Superpower: Beaming
  • Weakness: Cake and Cheese
Head of Production

Bernd Häußer

Phone: +49 36459 497-892

  • Motto: Always forwards, never backwards.
  • Superpower: Never getting sick.
  • Weakness: Being nostalgic about vehicles from the GDR.
Final Inspection

Nicole Lakotta


  • Motto: Honesty is the best policy.
  • Superpower: Mindreading
  • Weakness: beautiful flowers
Final Inspection

Kay Jonatschek

  • Motto: Live every day as if it were your last.
  • Superpower: Clairvoyance
  • Weakness: delicious food
Sales | new projects
Head of Sales | New Projects

Ralph Naumann

Phone: +49 36459 497-69

  • Motto: There is no reason to look back when the good stuff is ahead of you.
  • Superpower: Understanding the vastness of space and the time before the big bang.
  • Weakness: Tolerance
Tool and project management
Head of project management and advanced quality planning

Mathias Klein

Phone: +49 36459 497-75

  • Motto: Good things happen because you do good. Bad things happen because you do bad things.
  • Superpower: Moving matter with intelligence and the power of thought.
  • Weakness: Good music, good conversation and Thuringian bratwurst.
Advance Quality Planning Team Leader

Nicky Herzog

Phone: +49 36459 497-61

  • Motto: Don’t think as much about what you don’t have but think about what you do have.
  • Superpower: Time travel
  • Weakness: Coffee and Sweets
Tool and Process Development

Daniel Schultz

Phone: +49 36459 497-850

  • Motto: The only thing that stands between you and your goal is the stupid story you keep on telling yourself about why you can't achieve it!
  • Superpower: Adaptive muscle memory
  • Weakness: Grandma’s “Wickelklöße”
Advance Quality Planning

Florian Weber

Phone: +49 36459 497-45

  • Motto: However difficult your problem is, licking your elbow is more difficult.
  • Superpower: seeing the future
  • Weakness: Too much choice...
Head of department tool and process development

Frank Loschinski

Phone: +49 36459 497-884

  • Motto: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  • Superpower: Time travel
  • Weakness: ... good (and unfortunately often expensive) tools.
Tool construction
Head of Toolmaking

Dirk Vollandt

Phone: +49 36459 497-92

  • Motto: Everything will be alright in the end.
  • Superpower: Being able to clone myself.
  • Weakness: Gardening

Wolfram Ziener

Phone: +49 36459 497-66

  • Motto: Life always carries on.
  • Superpower: Mindreading
  • Weakness: Dumplings and Roulades
Quality assurance | quality management
Quality Assurance | Quality Management Assistant

Sven Patzschke

Phone: +49 36459 497-890

  • Motto: Long-term success is only possible as part of a team.
  • Superpower: Seeing the future
  • Weakness: Chocolate
Central order processing
Head of Order Processing

Maren Schmidt

Phone: +49 36459 497-50

  • Motto: When opportunity knocks, make sure you answer the door.
  • Superpower: like Superwoman - tremendous powers and using them to save the world
  • Weakness: Sport, Wine and Cheese

Steffi Edelmann

Phone: +49 36459 497-43

  • Motto: I’m not perfect... and I’m not trying to be.
  • Superpower: Time travel
  • Weakness: Delicious food with wine

Kerstin Kirscht

Phone: +49 36459 497-82

  • Motto: It’s never too late and you’re not too old.
  • Superpower: Invulnerability
  • Weakness: Chocolate

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