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TKW Molding.

Perfectly honed skills.

“Hand in hand to success. Our company combines expertise, passion for innovation and reliable planning with state-of-the-art production processes and excellent logistics. You expect the best. We provide you with the best.”

Shape Visions together.

TKW as an innovator.
We have high standards and we focus on continuous growth.
We aim to take on a pioneering role in the process of continuous technological change and will be increasingly focusing on digitalisation over the coming years. Take a look at our production environment.

25 to 420 tonnes / condit­ioning plant / gas inter­nal pressure and gas exter­nal pressure sys­tem / rotary index­ing table machine / 2 compo­nents

Inhouse tool con­struc­tion

We use our in-house tool construction facilities to produce injection moulded tools up to a size of 1500 x 1400 x 1200 mm and a weight of 10 tonnes.


Even the highest of customer expectations are met thanks to certification and detailed process monitoring.

200 Mio

Produced by TKW Molding GmbH each year in two halls at the Blankenhain site in Thuringia.

error strategy

As a first-class supplier to the automobile and consumer industry, TKW Molding GmbH always provides the highest quality without any faults.

Project management

Shaped to ensure efficiency.

Thanks to their motivation and high level of specialist expertise, our project management team ensures that your product ideas are implemented as part of a technologically sophisticated and competitive manufacturing process.

Thanks to advanced feasibility analyses, short communication pathways and flexibility when it comes to change, we provide efficient project realisation.

This comprehensive project management by experts and regular analyses help to ensure a seamless, cost-effective process which meets deadlines at all work stages.


Perfectly-shaped visions.

We shape your ideas. Our virtual CAD component construction tool creates a plastic-friendly concept on the basis of your desired design and functional requirements to achieve efficient manufacturing processes and high quality when it comes to the finished product.

From optimum material selection and stress simulation to the construction of prototypes, our employees are always striving to guide your product idea through to the best possible result.

Tool construction

Perfectly shaped.

By using our own tool construction facility to manufacture complex precision injection moulded tools, we have optimum control over the manufacturing period, costs and quality. Thanks to CAD and the latest CNC erosion and milling technology, we are capable of meeting even the highest customer expectations in a flexible and holistic manner, from tool construction to tool assembly and the finished, reliable injection moulded tool.

With regular maintenance and servicing of the injection moulded parts, we ensure our excellent manufacturing quality on a long-term basis.


Variety of forms in series production.

We offer a wide range in the field of plastic processing. Our injection moulding machines are tailored to state-of-the-art process technology. Thanks to innovative production facilities and the continuous further training our employees receive, we produce complete plastic items which combine an attractive design with high-performance functionality.

We use semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines with clamping forces of 25 to 420 tonnes and we are thus excellently prepared as a company for high-quality injection moulding production. In addition to two-component injection moulding, gas internal pressure and external pressure injection moulding, our range also includes hybrid technology (plastic/metal composite), elastomer and long glass fibre processing, and technical precision injection moulded parts.

With the conditioning plant we developed in-house, the manufactured parts can be reliably conditioned for further processing. Even the highest of customer expectations are met thanks to certification according to ISO/TS 16949:2016 and detailed process monitoring.


Brilliant form, delivered.

We deliver all over the world every day. Our intelligent logistics solutions are perfectly tailored to ensure compliance with deadlines and economic efficiency. We strive to achieve operational excellence in everything we do.

In addition to flexibility and environmental awareness, transparency and top quality are key to this. Thanks to our holistic warehouse and shipping logistics, we combine efficient production processes and an all-round service in goods dispatch, including customs and transport processing.

Our packaging planning ensures the best possible protection for your components thanks to tailored reusable solutions and packaging densities which conserve resources and minimise costs.